Minglei: Hins Cheung's Favorite Guangzhou Breakfast Diner

Eat like a Hong Kong pop star at this affordable restaurant that offers patrons a flashback to the 90's with its ceong fan and zuk. more »


Lou Palacio Pizza delivers authentic Provence-style pizza

Lou Palacio serves traditional pizza made by a family that has been making quality pizza in Provence, France for generations. more »


A Different Kind of Nostalgia Served Up at Dongguan's Little India

Little India may be Dongguan's only Indian restaurant, but is worth trying for those missing their favorite Indian restaurants or looking to try something new. more »

Your Call

Delicious french crepes


Very tasty food. French crepes for lunch, dinner and desert. Must try: Chocolate-Banana crepes. more »

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NY Excellence


My favorite would have to be the Mr. Mark's Sweet & Spicy BLT with some of there tasty freshly ground coffee, I feel its the perfect combination and portion. Being from New York I really suggest this deli to any one looking for a true NY style meal! + The Owner and staff are extremely friendly and considerate and wi... more »

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A little slice of Italy in the middle of China.


When the ‘Grissini Kitchen’ first opened up in Dongguan I was so scared that it would close down that I ate there almost every day for a month. You see it wasn’t located in the main Bar Street where most of the other restaurants are, and when I told my friends about it nobody had heard about it. That changed as s... more »

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Urban Dictionary Chinglish Entries "Applauded" by Chinese Media

Chinese media hail the publication of Chinese internet slang like "no zuo no die" on the respected online resource, the Urban Dictionary. more »

Xintang Pirates Steal Water For 10 Years, Worth RMB 10M

Ten years worth of stolen water taken from a water main in Dadun Village near Xintang has been estimated to be worth tens of millions of yuan. more »

In: Around Guangdong, Crime
Man Turns Off Internet to Building Because WiFi is "Radioactive"

With the only best of intentions, a Fuzhou man repeatedly turns off the internet connection to his apartment in order to protect his unborn grandchild from "radiation". more »

In: Around China, Technology
30,000 Workers Strike in Dongguan, Robots Planned As Replacements

The hard-fought gains of 30,000 striking Dongguan factory workers may be in vain as Guangzhou plans to replace 80% of its work force with robots by 2020. more »

In: Dongguan, Guangzhou
Watch This: The "Kiss Stir Fry", Your Chinese Internet Meme of the Day

Part dance, part stunt, part intimate relations... China's newest internet meme has got it all. more »

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Mark Obama talks about his famous brother and life in Shenzhen

The US President's brother, who currently lives in Shenzhen, is publishing a new book on his life, which spans three cultures.

What's On
When: Sunday Apr 20, 2014
Where: The Brew Panyu
When: Saturday Apr 26, 2014
Where: Section BC Crystal Ball Room, 2/F, China Hotel (Marriott) Guangzhou
When: Sunday Apr 27, 2014
Where: Xinghai Concert Hall
When: Saturday Apr 26, 2014
Where: Yu Jie Fencing Hamlet International @ Workers Cultural Palace Gymnasium
Promotions & Specials
When:Sunday Apr 20, 2014
McCawley's provides the longest happy hour in town. From 10am to 10pm Carlsberg Draught is RMB25 per pint, house wine is RMB25 per gl... more »
When:Monday Apr 21, 2014
Happy Mondays at Hooley's, the original and longest running, happiest Monday deal in town. Happy Hour all day. Chicken wings only 4RMB.  more »
When:Monday Apr 21, 2014
Every Monday at Rebel Rebel get a Pizza and a side salad for RMB48.  more »
When:Sunday Apr 20, 2014
Daily, from noon-18:00, RMB60 will get you a burger and a pint of Tiger.  more »
When:Sunday Apr 20, 2014
Daily from 14:00-17:00, pair any three menu items listed in the poster with a tea or Illy coffee for RMB68. For RMB78 you can substit... more »
When:Friday Apr 25, 2014
Enjoy some nice Kebab at one of the Better Turkish Restaurants in town. From the organizers: It's getting closer to the w... more »
When:Sunday Apr 20, 2014
Happy Hour All Day! Every Sunday at Murray's  more »
When:Monday Apr 21, 2014
Chili Cheese Fries & A Pint of Dead Guy Ale for 75RMB! Every Monday at Murray's.  more »
When:Wednesday Apr 23, 2014
Every Wednesday, buy one get one free on all our burgers!  more »
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