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Locals on high alert as crocodiles on the loose in Maoming after escape from farm

Posted: 06/24/2013 5:52 pm

The owner of the farm explains how heavy rains caused the dam to break.

Hundreds of crocodiles are said to have escaped into the Feima River after the water level in their crocodile farm in Maoming rose 60 centimetres due to heavy rain. Authorities have denied that the number of escaped crocodiles is in triple figures but schools are on high alert and parents are warned to keep their kids away from grassy areas, rivers and lakes, reports.

They don’t look very friendly.

A manhunt has seen four crocodiles recaptured and two others were caught and eaten by villagers, according to the town government office.

The species on the loose include the Nile Crocodile and the Siamese Crocodile. The biggest of them is said to weigh 500 kilos.

The dam at the farm has been fixed and no casualties have been reported yet, but it could take weeks to account for the remaining crocodiles. And if these crocs are treated in any way similar to their buddies in Shenzhen, they’ll be in no hurry to get back to the farm.


Visitors to Shenzhen zoo toss garbage, rocks, killing crocodiles

Posted: 01/17/2013 5:16 pm

Zoos are supposed to be designed to protect people from animals, but sometimes they need to work the other way around.

Only two crocodiles are left alive of over a dozen that were placed in Rural Grand View Garden, a zoo in Shenzhen’s Guangming New Zone, Shenzhen Evening News┬áreports. The cause of their death? Visitors throwing stones at them and polluting their habitat with garbage.

Visitors, particularly children, have been unimpressed by the hibernating beasts.

A journalist who visited the zoo this week reported that, as crocodiles hibernate during the winter, a lot of visitors have been shouting, spitting and throwing things at them to make sure they are alive.

Because the manmade lake in which they lived was full of garbage thrown by visitors, staff from the zoo went in to clean it this week but discovered that only two were still alive.

The zoo has issued warnings about such behaviour but staff say they have little power to stop it, for some reason.

Sina Weibo users have been less than amused by their compatriot’s behaviour. One user said: “Throwing stones is easy. They should go down in person and see whether the crocodiles are real.” Another said: “Are the zookeepers all fucking dead?” Some lamented the low character of the Chinese people, and others wished similarly unpleasent endings on the perpetrators.

However, the fact that there is so much anger suggests that awareness of animal rights is increasing in the Middle Kingdom.

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