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One killed and ten injured after school bus crash in Foshan

Posted: 04/23/2013 10:00 am

A school bus collided with a trailer in Foshan yesterday morning, leaving one student dead and ten others injured, Guangzhou Daily reported on its microblog. The collision with the Guangzhou-registered trailer, which took place in Jiujiang Village, is thought to have been caused by the bus driver failing to give way.

The aftermath of the collision

One student died of his injuries after being taken to hospital, another has been transferred to a hospital in Guangzhou, three are still in hospital and six escaped with minor injuries.

There will be an investigation to see which driver was to blame. Last December China launched an investigation into twelve officials after a fatal school bus crash, of which there have been many in recent years, making the safety of school buses a hot issue.


Girl murdered in Shenzhen, some on Weibo are pointing finger at social media

Posted: 01/16/2013 6:20 pm

A tragic story has surfaced in Shenzhen that some say points to the danger of broadcasting one’s location on social media channels.

A high school student in Shenzhen named Tsang Yue Laitong was expected to return home last Saturday, and her family became concerned after she never showed up.  At around 10pm that night, the 16-year old’s aunt phoned the Shenzhen police department to report her missing.  She told the cops her niece had planned to meet a friend for dinner on Guanlan Street in Shenzhen but hadn’t returned.

The Shenzhen Police posted info on its Weibo account in an effort to her, as did many of her friends.  Unfortunately, every parent’s worst nightmare became a reality: Tsang’s body was found in an abandoned shop about 24 hours later.

Tsang was well-liked by her classmates and teachers

Tsang’s friends and family are obviously devastated.  They describe her as incredibly likeable; she was born in Zhuhai but raised in Shenzhen.

Her death is a trending topic on Weibo because she frequently used the micro-blogging service to update friends on her whereabouts. Some say posting this information so publicly can lead to trouble; however there’s no indication yet that her murderer found her through Weibo.

A group of students created a video tribute to Tsang, which can be viewed here. It has been viewed almost 50,000 times at the time of this writing.

 (Source: Sina)


Shenzhen student murdered by roommate in Canada

Posted: 12/13/2012 12:00 pm

A sketch of Guo You (Keith) Ru during his first court appearance

A 21 year-old Shenzhen native who was studying in Ottawa, Canada was murdered December 6 by his roommate, who was an overseas Chinese, according to Shenzhen Evening News (via Shenzhen Daily).

The gruesome murder was carried out with a sharp instrument but not a knife, according to Canadian police. The killer made his first court appearance December 7.

The 25-year-old killer, identified as Guo You (Keith) Ru, was arrested by Canadian police and charged with second-degree murder, the paper said, citing Ottawa media reports.

“He wore black clothes and was smiling through most of the court hearing. However, he was dazed and looked tired,” Canadian media reported.

The parents of the dead student, Xiaole, are set to fly to Ottawa from Hong Kong. Xiaole had been a student at Carleton University since 2009 studying civil engineering.

Xiaole, who attended Yantian Foreign Languages School and Shenzhen Senior High School, said at a class reunion last year that he planned to work in Canada for several years after graduation before starting his own business back home.

This is the second brutal murder of a Chinese student in Canada this year after Jun Lin, 33, was killed, dismembered and had his bodt parts sent to political parties by a former porn actor.


Teenager in Guangzhou smacked around by gym teacher, ends up in a neck brace

Posted: 12/4/2012 7:00 am

It’s what seems to be an epidemic, another student in China is suffering from severe injuries after being beaten by his teacher.

A 14 year-old student in Guangzhou’s Haizhu District is the latest victim, having been repeatedly beaten by his gym instructor for being too rowdy on the school bus, Southern Metropolis Daily has learned. The teen was left with serious neck injuries.

Xiao Jie, a middle school student, was on the school bus with friends last Wednesday (November 22) when the gym teacher asked him to keep his voice down.  After ignoring the requests, it’s said the teacher approached Xiao Jie and slapped him.

Upon arriving at school, the teacher ordered Xiao Jie to stand at the school gate. One of Xiao Jie’s classmates mocked him as he passed by, which started an altercation between the two.  The teacher witnessed this and walked over, pulled Xiao Jie’s hair and hit him seven or eight times, according to witnesses.

Xiao Jie asked to be taken to hospital because his head and neck were in pain. Tests showed that he had suffered a cervical vertebra dislocation.

The PE teacher has been fired according to the head teacher of the school.

Both physical and sexual abuse cases against students seem to be cropping up a lot these days.  Five-year-old Yaoyao suffered severe injuries after being repeatedly dropped on her head by her kindergarten teacher in Guangzhou, and 3-year old Keke was sexually assaulted by her teacher in Guangzhou this fall.

A recent op-ed in Shenzhen Daily called for something to be done about China’s woefully inadequate child abuse laws.


College entrance exams = big business for hotel & health food industries

Posted: 06/6/2012 7:00 am

Annual college entrance examinations, commonly known as the “gaokao”, kick-off tomorrow throughout the PRD. While most students face their exams with a sense of dread, not everyone is frowning. Where there’s a yuan to be made, businesses won’t be far behind, and student examinations are no exception. Yet according to a report in the Nan Fang Daily, the real money isn’t in tutoring and preparatory classes as one might expect, it’s in hotel rooms and nutritional supplements.

The hotel industry is making a pretty penny renting hotel rooms to studying students, charging upwards of 1000RMB per night. As the gaokao lasts two days, most parents have booked rooms for their children for three consecutive nights, while some parents have gone so far as to book several rooms to accommodate the whole family, presumably for moral support.

The growing trend has become so common that many Shenzhen hotels were booked solid months in advance. One Shenzhen mother looking  for a “gaokao room” for her son vented her frustration on Weibo: “My son is taking the college entrance examination. He asked me to book him a hotel room near his exam but after searching all morning I’m unable to find him one. All of the rooms have been booked.”

While hotels have been quick to capitalize on the recent trend, competition within the industry has become fierce. To attract students, several hotels have introduced promotions such as room discounts, free midnight snacks, breakfast, and shuttle service to and from exams. One Longgang hotel even offers a 2B pencil (official pencil of the exam), and sharpener.

Hotels aren’t the only industry capitalizing on the exams; the health food industry is also onboard. Nutritional supplements to improve the immune system and enhance memory, such as DHA and fish oil, are big business come exam time. According to one pharmacist, sales of these supplements have more than doubled in the last month.

Whether any of the remedies actually work is highly debatable. According to Zhang Maoxiang, director of the Shenzhen Hospital of Nutrition, “These types of health care products have been found to delay the onset of cerebral arteriosclerosis and dementia in the elderly. Memory may have a supporting role, but there is no evidence that it can improve cognition, memory or the ability of young candidates to think.”

To those students unable to reserve a hotel room, or get their hands on fancy supplements, we at The Nanfang (for what it’s worth) recommend a strong cup of chamomile tea and a good night’s sleep.

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