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Drunken man in Guangzhou goes on slashing spree, all over disagreement at phone shop

Posted: 02/25/2013 7:00 am

A 26 year-old man went on a drunken rampage with a knife in Guangzhou’s Baiyun District February 21, causing injuries to twelve people, Guangzhou Daily reports. The cause of his rage? A minor disagreement with staff at a mobile phone store, according to media reports.

The man, surnamed Lang from Yunnan Province, stabbed two members of staff at a mobile phone shop on Junhe Street after getting into a disagreement at arround 10:20 p.m. One member of staff, Chen Bin, was left bleeding from the chest. Another, Mo Jingbin, had a large gash on his right leg.

Lang then took a motorbike taxi to near Luogang Village Administrative Building. When the driver of the taxi asked him to pay up he stabbed the driver, leaving him with chest injuries. Lang then stabbed several bystanders.

At around 10:50 p.m. he went to sample some of the local street barbecue. After being confronted for not paying up, he attacked the owner of the stall and even the owner’s 2 year-old daughter, leaving the infant with chest injuries.

None of the victims are in a critical condition and Lang is now in police custody.

At this point, we can only speculate as to what was the cause of all this rage. Was it the frustrations that come with being a migrant in Guangzhou? Was it fear of becoming a male version of one of China’s much-maligned left-over women? Or maybe there is something in the air?


Guy attacks an ostrich as part of elaborate suicide attempt, ultimately fails

Posted: 01/23/2013 7:00 am

A man was rescued by police in a zoo in Shaoguan City on January 19 after a bizarre suicide attempt which followed even more bizarre behaviour, Shenzhen Satellite Television reports.

The man, Li, 27, from Yunnan Province, attacked an ostrich in the zoo and bit it to death in front of onlookers who included children and elderly people. He then slashed his wrists as police were called.

Xu Jianwen, deputy head of Datang Road police station told reporters that when he arrived at the scene, Li was highly excitable and simulated firing a gun at the policemen. He was already covered in blood when police arrived.

As he began to lose strength, Li lay on the ostrich’s corpse like a pillow before police approached him tentatively. He offered little resistance before police dragged him away.

He was rushed to hospital where his condition soon stabilized. However, that night, his condition worsened and he was returned to hospital. He appears to be out of the woods now. A suicide note was found on his person. The note urged his parents to have a good life, saying there was no need to worry about him anymore.

Li works as a security guard and has been described by colleagues as an introvert who is unusually quiet when at work. He was also described as being straight-forward.

Police drag a bleeding Li away from the ostrich’s corpse

The name of his company was not revealed to media.

Whether this was a genuine attempted suicide or a cry for help, I think we can all agree: the man needs help.

Li claims to have no recollection of the incident. The investigation is ongoing.

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