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Watch: Passenger So Angry She Grabs Steering Wheel and Crashes a Public Bus

From now on, maybe the bus will have change

An elderly woman in Shanghai threw a fit when she paid bus fare with a 20 yuan bill but was refused any change.

bus shanghai elderly steering wheel

Unlike other buses, the #14 public bus in Songjiang District does not have a ticket seller who can give change. The driver offered the elderly woman a compromise: return to the bus depot where someone could give her the difference.

bus shanghai elderly steering wheel

Zhou Wei, the driver of the #14 bus, suggested the solution so as to not interfere with driving his route:

I told her that we’d sort out the problem once we got back to the station. Once there, some other bus would take her home. However, she said she wasn’t willing to do so.

However, talk is cheap, especially when concerning something like a one yuan fare. Enraged that she couldn’t immediately get her change, the elderly woman grabbed the steering wheel of the bus as it rounded a corner, causing the bus to crash into the side of the road. One female passenger cracked three ribs as a result of the collision.

Fan Mingzhe, a police officer with the Zhongshan police sub-station, said the unidentified woman was charged with breaking statute 114 of the national criminal code and endangering public safety.

Here’s a video of the incident as recorded on various surveillance cameras:

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor