Mystery Animal Wreaks Havoc in Shanghai, Leaving People Scratching Their Heads

Ducks and chickens victims of mystery animal

A mysterious killing spree last week that left 64 birds dead has shaken the suburban residents of Pudong New Area, particularly due to the fact that they’ve yet to identify who or what did it.

“I had 23 ducks and 12 chickens – all dead. My neighbor lost 29 chickens,” said Lin, a resident of the town of Xuanqiao.

Evidence of the rampage was strewn all over the two properties, including feathers and mangled carcasses. A soccer ball-sized hole showed the point of entrance for what is presumed to be an animal. The most telling clue were tracks the animal left behind: footprints of a webbed foot with four toes; not exactly the sort of animal typically found roaming the streets of Xuanqiao.

There is however another twist to the story. Near the village is the Shanghai Wild Animal Park which houses a number of exotic animals like crocodiles, carnivorous animals who have webbed feet and four toes on their hind feet. And yet, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park has denied any animals are missing from their park.

The villagers are certain that a dog was not responsible as some have suggested: “When dogs bite, the wounds are small. This animal’s bites are rather big.” The villagers are worried that a human could be attacked next since the animal is still out on the loose.

For their part, police say an investigation is ongoing.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor