anhui middle school student teacher gang fight 02

Video Surfaces Showing Chinese Middle School Students Beating Up Their Teacher

Students attack teacher, who slaps student 3 times

A shocking video reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution has emerged on the Chinese Internet of a group of middle school students assaulting their teacher during class.

The brawl took place last week at Fanji middle school in Mengcheng County, Anhui. A male student is seen facing off against a substitute teacher during English class. The student, defiantly unwilling to hand in his test paper, approaches the teacher. The teacher grabs the student’s throat, forcing him back when all hell breaks loose.

anhui middle school student teacher gang fight 02

A number of male students rush the teacher, pushing him back into a corner and proceed to punch and kick him. When the short flurry of attacks subside, the teacher again confronts the student who refused to hand in his paper, and slaps him.

This prompts another wave of attacks by the students, some of them wielding impromptu weapons, while the student that was choked hits the teacher with a small stool. Again, the teacher confronts the student, and gives him another slap.

anhui middle school student teacher gang fight 02

This causes another wave of attacks by the students. When the barrage concludes, the teacher emerges with his shirt torn and attempts to regain control of the class when the video abruptly ends.

The principal of the middle school has been suspended. No word on what happened to the teacher. Local police and education officials are cooperating in a joint investigation.

Here’s the video:

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor