Animated Video Shows Us How Mobile Phone Addiction Will Destroy the World

Yes, it's that bad

Charles Liu , April 27, 2015 9:45am (updated)

phonegazerChina has long had the most mobile phone users in the world, having passed the one billion mark back in 2012. But like elsewhere, people on their phones are seen as a social irritant, to the point where people refer to phone addicts as the “head-down demographic”.

With the situation so dire that media reports are now calling cell phone addiction a disease, a solution is needed. That’s where this cartoon comes in.

This winner at the Central Art Academy is turning heads, even if it is turning them online and through a phone. Called “Living Life with Your Head Down”, this short animated video made by Xie Chenglin tells the story of how mobile phone addiction will eventually destroy the world. The video might be surprising to some with its violence and sexually suggestive themes.

Astute viewers will catch a real-life reference to how some opportunistic cell phone users used the scene of a accident as the background for their photographs.

Here’s the video:

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor