33-34 Guihua Yuan Garden, Fenghuang Ave, Guihua Rd, Futian District (深圳市福田保税区桂花路凤凰道桂花苑花园3栋一层33-34号铺)
(0755) 8271-9220 / 130-2888-08
Operating Hours:
Tues-Sat: 16:00-01:00, Sun: 11:00-21:00
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Frankie's is an American bar in the tradition of classic bartending: proper cocktails prepared by proper bartenders. Frankie's also promises an excellent selection of genuine, high-quality Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran cigars. There are also plans to introduce live music.

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Thumb_avatar B F Connor Sep 7, 2012 Total Reviews: 1

I'm stoked. My favorite bar in Shenzhen with the best burger in China just won That's PRD annual F&B awards Best New Bar in Shenzhen. They should have won best bar but that's cool. I'm hoping Frankie's won't get too crowded now that it has been recognized for being so awesome. Congrats to the Frankie's crew.

Thumb_avatar Clam Jul 16, 2012 Total Reviews: 3

Love the C&W music, friendly bar tender and pretty good food. The place is a great little American bar in Shenzhen. Will definitely visit again.

Thumb_avatar Mr. Waits Jul 14, 2012 Total Reviews: 1

Randomly went there with some friends for a few birthday drinks. It was a weeknight so I hadn't really planned on being out long, but not long after I got there (which wasn't the easiest task, fortunately my mate had been there before) I knew it was going to be a rough morning! I assume the waitress, an adorable Chinese girl speaking quite above-average English, heard someone mention my birthday, because before I knew it, Nate the barman had brought out a round of free birthday shots for the table and actually picked up the tab on the handful of beers that my cheapskate friends were unwilling to buy (I'll remember this guys)! The kitchen was closed by the time we arrived, but that didn't stop Adam the chef from whipping up some sort of brownie sundae with a candle in it un-asked. The place was a bit slow, though it had picked up significantly as the night went on, and as I understand they've only been open a couple months. The beer prices looked reasonable, and I thought the whisky prices were steap until I saw how much they pour. My glass of Glenfiddich was the end of the night for me, double the amount I've ever gotten elsewhere in SZ. I don't know, I just saw some people on here saying some negative things and this place certainly has a ways to go, but I felt more at ease and appreciated here than anywhere I've been since I moved to China. They actually seemed sincere about wanting to serve me. Thanks for the good times Frankie's, this was certainly a birthday to remember...well, not counting the last half hour or so, that's still a bit hazy ;)

Thumb_avatar Shenzhenveteran Jul 14, 2012 Total Reviews: 1

From some of these reviews it sounds like the competition is afraid they cannot match the great experience at Frankie's. Sure it's not overcrowded, it's new and every time I go the staff has time to actually serve me. I had the best burger I've ever had in China and the bottled beers were ice cold. After living in Shenzhen for 10 years it's great to find a place that's out of the way of the maybem and drunks but still just a short taxi ride. It's become my favorite place in Shenzhen and certainly in China.

Thumb_avatar Beer Man Jul 14, 2012 Total Reviews: 1

Wow these negative posters on here must really be some sad sad people. How can it be a bad thing that bar staff are friendly??? And price are you kidding, this is the cheapest ex-pat bar in Shenzhen. They are even selling great American craft beers like Blue star and Rogue American Amber ale for 20rmb per bottle the last time I was their.(2 days ago). The food is grilled as I would expect an American burger with the best beef found in China since the American beef ban. The drinks selection of whisky, bourbon, beer and tequila is second to none. Nate, Adam and Xavier know more about American beer and spirits than most could learn in a life time. Add to this the great cigars coming soon, the every expanding menu which now includes an awesome pulled pork sandwich and the best hot chicken dippers I have ever tasted. And finally lets get behind what Frank and the guys are trying to do, provide great product and service at an affordable price. I have never spent more than a few hundred rmb there in a whole night and with the size of the measures they serve that is something, the measures are huge and should be charged 2-3 times more than Frankies charge, every time I go to Coco Park, Shekou etc I end up eating rice and random meat for the rest of the week to make up for the hit my bank account takes. Well done guys and keep up the good work, don't let some sad people deter you.

Thumb_avatar Spartacus May 25, 2012 Total Reviews: 1

I'm going to have to agree with the first reviewer. This place is awful. Overly cheerful American staff make what would have been a bad experience an utterly abysmal one. Everything here is way too costly, and while I'd be the first to admit I love a hamburger - the burgers here are plain dreadful. It was also pretty much empty when I went. Except for one sad guy who seemed to think he was the owner's best friend talking too loudly. Maybe that's the second reviewer? I'm going to avoid this place like the plague.

Thumb_avatar shenzhenlaoshi May 25, 2012 Total Reviews: 1

Came here on a friend's recommendation three weeks ago and have been back every weekend since. Friendly, welcoming, and great service---the bartenders are American bar vets, and the waitresses are always smiling and speak perfect English. The burger is great (the pesto burger was amazing) but the buffalo chicken sandwich is my favorite. The real reason I keep coming back, though, is the homemade IPA. It's not just the best beer I've had in China, it's my favorite beer I've had--ever. As long as that stays on tap and Nate and Adam are behind the bar, I'll be a regular. And as for the other "review"---I feel sorry for that guy. Not sure how he could have had a negative experience at this place, when the whole thing seems to be focused on customer service. Every time I've been in, the bar has been lively (but not annoyingly so) and the music and atmosphere are absolutely perfect. It feels like home. The last guy must be an unhappy person who kicks puppies on the street. Probably better that that guy doesn't intrude on my favorite bar again.

Thumb_forumpic-1 Profanipenguin May 24, 2012 Total Reviews: 3

Frankie's is to Shenzhen what toilets are to the rest of the world. It's in a lousy location, it's very expensive and it tries and fails to bring America to China - for which we should probably all be very greatful. If your idea of a great night out is sitting alone on the edge of an industrial estate eating over cooked burgers, drinking overpriced whiskey and listening to appalling country music - you'll have a great time. Otherwise you might want to try staying at home and pulling your finger nails out with pliers as that's about as much fun as you can have at Frankie's. There are some great expat bars in Shenzhen, this isn't one of them.


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