Beijing Rolls Out 500 Electric Taxis to Try and Improve Air Quality

Charles Liu , October 15, 2015 10:37am (updated)

beijing electric taxisBeijing is adding 500 electric taxis to its current fleet in an effort to cut down on the city’s notorious air pollution. The EV200 cars are equipped with engines that provide 30kW of power under normal circumstances, and as much as 53kW at peak performance.

The cars are still limited by their lithium batteries, however, as each car can only drive between 200 km and 240 km before requiring a recharge. Taxi drivers will be able to recharge at the taxi dispatch centre, various battery chargers around town, and at their own home.

Beijing’s Transportation Committee member and Department Head of Transport and Taxis, Li Songke, announced that the electric taxis represent a larger initiative by the government to promote alternative energies. Li said:

The next step is to continue to improve the regulation and experience of electric taxis, and increase their use in order for the industry to continue to grow.

beijing electric taxisPhotos: auto gmw

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor