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Vacant Bathrooms “Too Small” So Parents Let Kid Poo in the Airplane Aisle

There were some stinky flights in China this weekend

airliner poo 01

Chinese airliners have stepped up security after an arson attack on a Guangzhou-bound flight a few weeks ago, but there’s no security tight enough to stop the stinky scourge of parents letting their kids poo in public on airplanes.

Last Saturday on West Air flight PN6233 from Zhengzhou to Nantong, a post on Weibo showed a child relieving himself in an aisle of the plane (pictured above). Fortunately for the passengers, it took place towards the end of the flight as it was descending into Nantong.

airliner poo 02

And then just yesterday, a Weibo post showed a child defecating on board Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9709 from Nanjing to Guangzhou. This one, though, might be worse: after a passenger complained saying both bathrooms were vacant, the parents said the bathrooms were too small anyway so they used the back of the plane because it had more room.

That could be the most infuriating part of the story, except for this: the plane hadn’t taken off yet.


Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor