Look: Chinese Netizens Ridicule Severe Air Pollution With Silly Photoshops

Great graphics, but the draw distance is too short


The severe air pollution in Northern China has crippled a number of cities, notably Beijing, as red alerts urged people to stay indoors and airports and highways were shut down due to a lack of visibility.

Some netizens however have used the smog as an opportunity to express their more creative attributes, such as some impressive photoshopping skills. One netizen in particular created silhouettes of giant, marauding monsters strewn across Beijing streets.

Perhaps the most impressive photo to emerge from this week’s “Airpocalypse” however, is one that wasn’t doctored at all: an eerie photograph of women performing square dancing at a public park in Chaoyang:

air pollution beijing square dancing

It gets more surreal with this video:

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor