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Chinese Debate Bangkok Bombings in Shadow of Tianjin

Bangkok responded faster, but Tianjin much bigger

A bomb exploded at a busy downtown shrine in Bangkok, Thailand yesterday, killing at least 22 people and injuring another 123. The incident happened near Erawan Shrine at Ratchaprasong intersection, a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists, especially those from China.

Four Chinese people are confirmed to have been killed by the blast, two of which were from Hong Kong, two women aged 19 and 24. Another 15 Chinese have been injured. With the memory of last week’s Tianjin blast still fresh in people’s minds, yesterday’s explosion resonated among Chinese netizens, even if it was to illicit a jaded response.

Here then are some Chinese reactions to the Bangkok bombing in which many of them drew parallels with the Tianjin explosion, which so far has claimed 114 fatalities with 70 still missing:

Fight back against any form of terrorist attack! Bunch of inhumane animals!

Is this to shift the focus on domestic issues?

What is there to say? At the first opportunity, the casualties were announced to the outside world for the Tianjin explosion. There is no way during organized large-scale search and rescue efforts to confirm the number of dead. On another day, another country, the same situation has happened in Tianjin. The cause behind both of these explosions is not necessarily the same.

Don’t go to places with a lot of people; it can only be this way. This contempible, lousy world is too ruthless.

Isn’t everyone saying that most of this was for the Chinese people?

bangkok bombing

My goodness! Yet another explosion!!

I hope this was not directed at Chinese tourists… 

I haven’t yet wiped my bum clean when there’s now a new news story that overtakes the important issues.

The frequency of explosions lately is awfully high.

Don’t worry about Thailand. There’s lots still unknown about Tianjin that needs media there.

The explosion in Tianjin was so big. How could they be part of the fatality list if they were unable to find the bodies? Some people’s brains don’t work properly. If you can find them, then do so!

bangkok bombing

The (explosions in) Tianjin and Bangkok don’t contradict each other, okay? They are both news; don’t be constantly shouting out that this is just a diversion.

Oh my goodness, what kind of fantasic logic is this? We are all very sad over the Tianjin explosions, but just because we reported the events of August 12, does this mean that we can’t publish other news!? In terms of body count, Tianjin was the bigger explosion. In the resulting chaos, who can put together a precise fatality count? Can a count be made just because you say so? The bodies of so many of our fallen compatriots can’t even be pieced back together! Don’t idly spend all day calling things into question! At this time, you need to put trust into your own country!

Yo momma… What is up with China at the moment? Okay, I can handle problems in China, but now tragedy is befalling Chinese in other countries. I pray for the victims, and hope for peace for our country! I love my mighty China!

I pray for my mighty China, may the heavens bless my mighty China. Bless the Chinese people with health and safety!

There has been a lot of explosions lately…

Explosions: do they bring contaminated pollutants as well?

There are Chinese people everywhere.

So many sons of bitches I need to take care of! You know, many Chinese were hurt in the Bangkok bombing! You brain dead shitheads! How can this be changing the subject, and not caring anymore about our own country? I really think you need to go get your head checked out by a doctor.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor