Chinese Star Who Complained About Foreign Husbands Set For Third Divorce

Admits she had a miscarriage

After causing a sensation with her statement that “You (can) better appreciate Chinese men after marrying a foreigner,” Chinese actress Yuan Li has again revealed intimate details about her marriage.

The 42 year-old straight-talking Yuan admitted on the “Venus Show” that she has turned to fertility treatments following a miscarriage. Yuan had this to say after her husband of four years, Blaine Grunewald, declared on Weibo that he was going to be a father:

I’ve frozen my eggs; that child ended in a miscarriage.

When directly asked about rumors that she and Grunewald, the CEO of Lehman Bush, were divorcing, Yuan refused to provide a direct answer, responding only with, “Ask him yourself.”

yuan li

Yuan has previously complained about her marriage to Grunewald, blaming cultural differences for causing tensions in their relationship. Having tied the knot after a four month courtship, Yuan said her marriage to Grunewald was a constant “breaking-in process”, leading her to living unhappily in the USA.

Yuan said the main difference between East and West is that you have to do everything yourself in the West despite having a husband. Yuan said Chinese husbands are more inclined to be compliant, while foreign husbands are more likely to be independent.

Yuan, who recently became a spokesperson for the Red Cross Society of China, was married twice before. Her first marriage to Xu Wei, with whom she shares a son, ended in divorce, as did her second marriage to actor, Zhao Ling.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor