Eyelet Off Shoulder Top

White cotton long sleeved lace top in a loose fit. It features an elastic bust line and cuffs so they just fit snugly around the upper body and wrists while the sleeves fall off the shoulder softly. The top is partially lined to maintain coverage.

To wear this girly apparel, tuck this into a pair of washed out denim jeans, Daisy Dukes or high-waist floral shorts. For a more feminine touch, pair this with a lightly colored round skirt and accessorizing it with a long necklace. Wear this chic, off-the-shoulder lace top to any occasion, be it to a party or a casual lunch date with friends.

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City: Guangzhou

District: Haizhu

Category: For Sale

Sub Category: Clothing, Jewelry and Fashion

Date: 2014-10-03