Hai Dian Ju Mansion RMB1700/1mon. (Furnished) (Face to Hai ya shopping mall)

Looking for a roommate to share the pretty house .^_^ Anything was all set except u. ---Just take ur luggage to move in is ok. The house locate in Nanshan District, nearby HaiYa department store and Coast city. It is very convenient for traffic, shopping, bank, restaurant. Only 10-15 minutes from here to Technological Park & Shekou. And the house is very nice, I think u will like it. Also,i am good at China classical culture and history. So, if u like chinese, i think i am a good teacher. I am a friendly , optimistic ,zealous chinese girl. I think u will like me just like my house. :-) Well, Further info. Pls feel free to contact me by my MSN : [email protected]. or my MP 13420957262. Anyway, Wish u luck. and wish me luck too.~

3 bedrooms, 1700RMB/month


City: Shenzhen

District: Nanshan

Category: Housing

Sub Category: Shared Accommodation

Date: 2011-09-15