teach in chinese public school with free meals and free accommodations

Teach English in public school of china with free accommodations and free meals

Hi, dears, first thank you very much for reading my advertisement. Also here I give my best wishes to you, wish you have a happy life.
We are a comprehensive education service institute which specially engaged in providing foreign teachers and introducing talents. We have schools all over China in big cities, small cities or towns, so if you want to experience the rich Chinese culture and history and also are interested in teaching English to Chinese students, you can contact me, I will do my best to offer you the most suitable position in China.
We have more than 70 candidate positions in 13 provinces.2012's Spring Program is coming. There will be a one-week training in Beijing Office Center. and the Spring semester starts a week or two after the Lunar New Year (~January/February). Most schools request their teachers to be there 1-2 weeks early for orientation and training

Here are some details about this position, hope it can attract your interest.

QUALIFICATIONS for the volunteers :

1.  Willing to stay for at least 3 months 

2.  No younger than 19

3.  Native English speaker or near native speaker

3.  Formal teaching qualifications are desirable, but not necessarily required

4.  Although it adds to your experience, no pre-existing Chinese language skill is required,

5.  A spirit of adventures and a sense of humor!


TYPICAL RESPONSIBILITIES (variable by location):

1.       Work schedule will be from Monday to Friday

2.       18~23 classes per week, each class lasting 45 mins.

3.       September through December, and March through June terms, with possibilities to teach during semester breaks

4.       Arrival in Beijing two weeks prior to the term commencement so this time you must arrive before August 24th and then have an orientation for one week free of charge..


TYPICAL  REIMBESMENT (variable by location):

1. the basic pay for every month

2.  Assistance of a bilingual teacher      

3.  Registration and enrollment assistance, pre-departure materials, ongoing support

4.  Private living accommodations

5.  Three meals per day at the school

6.  Airport pick-up

7.  Learn Chinese, Gongfu, Taiji, Chinese painting and other cultural skills

8.  If you stay with it for multiple terms, travel costs might be reimbursed.

If you are interested in our position or want to know more information, please send email to us :

If you are interested in the above, pls feel free to contact the following to learn more details, your reply will be highly appreciated.

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