Chaozhou interpreter Chaozhou buying agent with car

Dear potential customer´╝î
My name is Joy Chou.
I and my husband Ben are working together as agent and assistant for foreign customers,
who have business in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China.
We also have hired several part-time QC, computer photo designers and container loading labors.

Our target client:
1.Designers: There is huge distance between brilliant ideas and real samples. We are capable to be the bridge and make your ideas come true.
2.Small clients who buy one container goods from several factories.

We provide services including:
1.Market research for your purchasing goods.
You will know the latest market info in advance before negotiation with factories.

2.Fluent interpreting among English, Chinese, Cantonese and Chaozhou Dialect.
Personally, I am English Major with TEM8 certificate while Ben is a local Chaozhou people.
Most clients speak highly of our language skills.
Some say we are the best interpreters they have ever met in Chaozhou.

3.Private spacious cozy car.
Traffic in Chaozhou is a bit crazy.
And many factories locate in rural countryside where GPS cannot tell.
Luckily, Ben is an expert in driving and knows most of the short cuts and routes
We will make a schedule to visit all factories you want, which cost least time on traffic.

4.Chaozhou QC service.
Some of our customers used to receive a great number of broken plates or leaking toilets.
Usually, we will check 10% of all goods randomly.
A Chaozhou QC report with dozens of photos and detailed description will be provided.
Live Skype video during QC is also recommended.

5.FOB or LCL composing.
We own a 3-floor modern warehouse with cargo elevator.
So we can help with your spare goods or container composing.
We also have registered a trading company for export and have a team for FOB service, like trucking and customs declaring.
So there won't be any barrier if you want to do EXW with local factories.

6.Daily life care.
We can also take care of some trivial such as
booking hotels, booking flight tickets, dining in nice restaurants or local specialty cafeteria,
showing around some beauty spots or clubs.
Many of my clients speak highly of a hot-spring 5-star hotel in the suburb of Chaozhou.

In a word, being accompanied with local people, you can surely enjoy the convenience.


City: Guangzhou

District: Haizhu

Category: Services

Sub Category: Translation & Interpreting

Date: 2014-03-09