Job 146: Teach Adults in Guangzhou (JLS)

Job 146: Teach Adults in Guangzhou (JLS)

Up to ¥12000 bonus\year.

¥6,000 airfare\year.

Up to ¥8,000 \month.

Free housing: Off campus, private (bedroom+living room+toilet+kicehen),furniture, appliances, phone, internet, computer, shower, wash machine, etc.

¥1,800 \month housing allowance if rent your own apartment.

¥600 bonus\month.

¥150 \class for over time.

15--16 hours\week.

45 minutes\class.

Students age: 15--18 or above.

Around 30 students\class.

Free Chinese classes.

Free lunch.

6 months or 1 year contract.

Monday to Friday.

Female teachers prefered.

Music teach needed in Aug.





Japanese teachers needed:

Up to ¥8,000 \month.

Up to ¥8,000 bonus\year.

Other conditions same as above.



Office teachers needed:

Up to ¥8,000 \month.

¥6,000 airfare\year.

1 for Administration work & 1 for Students Management. 

4 ESL classes\week.


City: Guangzhou

District: Luogang

Category: Services

Sub Category: Language Instruction

Date: 2012-02-23