China visa one year arrangement

Hong Kong agency locate at Shenzhen doing China visa for foreigners-- China visa rules become more and more strict hope can keep in touch 30days in advance of your current China visa validity and please add my WeChat--chinavisasz OR Skype: kwoktrvl & my email address is [email protected] possible,thanks !香港中介驻深圳代办中国签证给老外请加我微信号chinavisasz 或 SKYPE:kwoktrvl 和我的邮箱是 [email protected]现在中国签证越来越严格,希望各位在现签证有效期前30天联络我,了解情况谢谢!


City: Guangzhou

District: Tianhe

Category: Services

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Date: 2014-03-01