About the death of a black foreigner in guangzhou on monday june 18

Chinese government should look into that police station at guangyuan xilu to know why there are several killing and beaten around the area. There are our chinese ctitizens in Nigeria,and none has been killed and they are more than Nigerian in China. Sometimes, ordinary security men will be leave their jobs and work as immigration police. We have foreign immigration police officers, and i found out that when the immigration officers work there will be no single problem.  Every matter should be treated directly. We should do our work according to what we are trained for. Let's us not think whether is black or white. In guangdong province, Our foreign trade based on African countries which our government and individuals benefits positively. I heard the African have chairman in Guangzhou. So, let us make peace and live in harmony. Nothing good comes out from crisis. Now, 50% of china export goods go to African country. So we should cherish that. What our neighboring countries buy from us? Just few! I have traveled to many countries, i found out that blacks welcome chinese more other countries. Life has no duplicate. It can happen to anybody. So , we should value human life. Our security men should advice on how to handle such beaten and bringing shame to Chinese. Our citizens are living in every country for studies, business, working , tourism, etc. I hope my suggestion will be highly regarded.


City: Guangzhou

District: Yuexiu

Category: Services

Sub Category: General

Date: 2012-06-22