How to get Guangzhou residence permit

There are two ways to get Guangzhou residence permit. One is to register Guangzhou company(WFOE or RO), another is to have company employs you and offers you work proof.

If you are the Chief Representative of representative office or a legal representative of WFOE which has your name shown on the business license, then you are allowed to change your L, F, or X visas into Z visa / work permit / residence permit in China without leaving.

If you are the Employee of the company, if you hold a L, F, or X visa now and want to apply for the working permit (Alien Employment Permit) and residence permit, you have to apply the work license (Alien Employment License) and visa notice (Z working visa invitation letter) first, then leave the country to get an Z visa and back, then you can apply the work permit (Alien Employment Permit) and residence permit.

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