Expat Expectations: An English Personal Training Service that comes to you!

My name is Brad, I'm a 25 year old American with a biochemistry background and a personal training certification through the National Association of Strength and Medicine, NASM. I've moved from Beijing to Shenzhen and am hoping to continue helping people meet their fitness goals, currently looking to take on new clients! I fully understand and have worked in fitness nutrition for over 2 years, and also have close to a year's experience training clients one on one.

My speciality is designing diet and exercise plans for any lifestyle; I believe there are ways to make fitness meet your lifestyle, instead of turning your daily routine upside down based off of certain values, and my goal is show you how to be successful without having to make drastic changes in your daily routines and habits. Because my business model is to make fitness meet your lifestyle, I myself also aim to meet your lifestyle; instead of scheduling times for you to travel across the city to a studio for your training sessions, you name the time and the place and I will be there. My only requirement is that you pay any trainer fees that your gym of choice has. No time is too early, and no gym is too far. I focus on form and advocate exercises that prevent injuries, not increase them, and will be by your side to show you the proper ways of training to either build size, lose weight, or tighten up.

I charge hourly, and you can call 15712154811 or email [email protected] for more information or to schedule a free consultation/goal meeting. I personally understand how challenging fitness can be, and look forward to not only training you, but also helping you to understand the science and methods behind it so that you can begin to achieve your goals on your own!


City: Shenzhen

District: Futian

Category: Services

Sub Category: Health

Date: 2013-10-22