Shenzhen Satellite TV Provider

Shenzhen Satellite TV Provider - HBOCN offers different satellite TV packages based on your preference, budget, language spoken etc. There are several commercial satellite TV broadcasting companies who have signal coverage in China. The most popular one seems likely to be HBOCN Alpha Package <1> from China, It offers people who prefer a well-mixed list of channels from Europe, US, Africa, Chinese Mainland, HK, Taiwan Region... It offers int’l TV channels, These top int'l TV channels have been used widely in Embassies in China, Expats apartments, star hotels... While Truevisions Package <2> from Thailand seems to be another good option, TrueVisions is Thailand's leading cable satellite television operator. Now owned by the True Corporation, It offers 60 plus top TV channels, Most important, UBC Thai is the only package provides the EPL in English. Dish HD Package <3> delivers exciting programming from Taiwan and around the world, offering High definition TV channels, With the latest DVR and EPG technology, Enjoy your local News, live sports, movies... Call us: 135 3898 0766


City: Shenzhen

District: Futian

Category: Services

Sub Category: Satellite TV

Date: 2011-08-11