Shenzhen Satellite TV Service

Shenzhen Satellite TV Service Center | Welcome to Shenzhen, as Shenzhen professional satellite tv provider,we offer your favorite TV channnels in Shenzhen and provides your favorite TV channels like HBO,ESPN,CNN,BBC,Star World,Disney,Cinemax,Hallmark,AXN,Animax, AXN,Discovery, 2nd Avenue, ETC,Disney,Star Sports,Animal planet, NGC, Star movies,Supersports, EPL live, Travel&Living Asia,Fox,TV5, DW-TV,MBC,TNT,Zee TV,DD TV,SBS,Ariang,TVE,Sky news,Europ-News,CNBC,Cartoon Network,ABC,Australia Network,TCM,European Soccer, Phoenix-Info,Phoenix-Chinese,TVBJ...providing fast reaction to meet customers'demand, We are devoted to making your stay in Shenzhen enjoyable by offering the best Satellite TV channels around the world. You are welcome to enjoy our excellent and world class services. Mobile: 133 7160 0100 Mail to: [email protected]


City: Shenzhen

District: Nanshan

Category: Services

Sub Category: Satellite TV

Date: 2011-08-31