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Shanghai Disney Mascots To Be Fashioned With “Chinese Characteristics”

Minnie Mouse wears a cheongsam

Opening June 16, Shanghai Disneyland plans to offer Disney themed souvenirs designed to reflect local Chinese culture.

Of the 7,000 items of Disney merchandise for sale, including toys and clothing, about 50 percent will be available exclusively at the new Shanghai location. Moreover, Disney’s iconic mascots including Mickey and friends have been “Sino-fied” with “Chinese characteristics“.

According to a report by the China Daily, Mickey Mouse will be fashioned as a young man wearing a top hat and holding a walking stick, while Donald Duck will be stylized as a middle-aged Shanghai man, good-natured but aloof.

Minnie Mouse will have multiple looks, according to different reports. Minnie “will be dressed like a typical Shanghai beauty in the 1920s and 1930s, wearing a pink Chinese jacket and red embroidered silk sandals”. However, the Yangcheng Evening Report said Minnie will be wearing a cheongsam with a mudan flower head ornament.

“The dressing style was typical of ladies whose portraits appeared on calendars in every household 80 to 90 years ago,” said Gu Zhengwei, director of Shanghai Disney Resort’s commodity department.

With Disney’s recent animated film Zootopia resonating with Chinese audiences, the film’s characters will also be featured as part of the park’s souvenirs and merchandise.

Tickets to the park go on sale next Monday.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor