Dongguan middle school ‘asked teachers to nominate candidates for expulsion’

Kevin McGeary , January 3, 2014 7:00am

Shuilin Middle School in Dongguan has reportedly asked the teachers of each class to nominate four of their students for expulsion, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

Students at Shuilin Middle School during their military training, image courtesy of QQ News

Students from the school in Dalang Town claim that if any student on the list violates any rule before the students break up for Chinese New Year, then they will be expelled. In response to the accusations, the school said in a statement that it was simply identifying struggling students that were in need of one-to-one tuition.

A group of students told the newspaper that the school was determined to remove the bad apples that affected their classmates and teachers and would not suffer serious financial losses because it had over 3,000 students anyway.

In a phone call with the newspaper, the deputy principal surnamed Mu claimed that the school was merely trying to identify the students who needed extra help ahead of the end-of-term exams.

Do you believe the students’ claims?

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