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Fake Disneyland Recruitment Scam Targeted Hopeful Employees

Over $450,000 bilked from victims

A gang that pretended to recruit new employees for Shanghai Disneyland has been busted by local police for scamming RMB 3 million ($463,000) from 200 hopeful applicants.

Shanghai police say they have arrested three ringleaders of the gang. One of the suspects confessed to police that he pretended to be a senior Disney executive.

A taxi driver named Li said he quit his job and paid 13,000 yuan to the fake agency, only to discover the management position that was being offered actually turned out to be a job for a cleaning position.

The June 16 opening of Shanghai Disneyland has been met with a lot of anticipation in China. Online ticket sales has been huge, while some Chinese think they are too expensive. The Disneyland opening is expected to bring an economic boom to the area, and has already attracted retailers like LEGO to open stores in the area. Meanwhile, Disney has opened its own flagship retail store the year before.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor