Foreign Tourist Dives Into Nanjing Lake to Save Suicidal Woman [UPDATED]

Charles Liu January 24, 2015 4:21pm (updated)

nanjing suicide rescue lake foreignerA Nanjing woman who tried to commit suicide by jumping into a lake has been saved by a foreign tourist who happened to be passing by on a tour boat, reports The incident occurred at around 2pm on August 17 on the east side of Fuzi Temple at Pingjiang Bridge.

The woman plunged into the river just a tour boat was passing by. The foreigner, on board the boat, noticed the woman in the water and dove in to save her. The woman’s boyfriend was also on scene and helped in the rescue effort.

Fortunately the woman appears to be okay.nanjing suicide rescue lake foreignernanjing suicide rescue lake foreigner

UPDATED 11:40am August 19: Here’s a video taken at the scene:


Photos: DQ Daily

Charles Liu

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