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Chinese Tourists Swarm Vietnamese Buffet

Best to just get out of the way

After swarming a Thai buffet in a viral video last week, Chinese tourists have been caught swarming a fruit platter at a buffet restaurant in Vietnam.

The 20 second video, which quickly went viral after being reported by Chinese media, shows a crowd of Chinese tourists surrounding a Vietnamese waitress (seen wearing blue) carrying a platter of lychee fruit. Before she can open the bag to serve them, she’s surrounded by tourists with their arms out. Some diners go so far as to reach over her shoulder and into the bag.

Visibly agitated, the waitress dumps the platter onto a serving platform and gets out of the way. In a frenzy that lasts about seven seconds, the platter is ransacked, with nothing left behind.

Much like the incident in Thailand, Chinese netizens were largely critical of their fellow citizens’ behavior: “It’s like looking at a bunch of starving people” and “Made me think there is a famine going on“.

Watch the video below:

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor