Senior Interior Designer

Company:Xiaofeng Interior Design



Type: Arts / Design / Music




About Employer:
Employer Name: Xiaofeng Interior Design
The company mainly focuses on interior design of commercial space like brand menswear shops, jewellery shops and shopping malls. We are looking for both full time and part time designers. The add: Room 401, East Building A3, OCT LOFT, Nanshan.

Work Location:
Shenzhen, China

Job Description:
Position Description: 
1.Interaction with clients, meetings and presentations. 
2.Developing strategic planning, conceptual designs, design development, and production. Good at concept is a must. 
3.Leading and monitoring interior design team. 
4.Coordinating with technical team. 
5.Participating in business development effort. 

Position Requirements: 
1.5-10 years professional experience, experience in commercial interior projectsis like shop space projects is better. 
2.Bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited school of design. 
3.Strong planning abilities and have the ability to mentor team members, offer guidance and leadership. 
4.Knowledge of the total project process including fee and team management, schedules and budgets. 
5.Self-starters with good verbal and written communication skills. 
6.Proficiency in the use of AutoCAD and other 3D computer design programs. 
7.Strong skills in client relationship management and presentation. 

*** Both full-time and part-time designers are welcomed.*** 

If you are interested, please feel free to contact Juby at 13714553849 or 33565678 Skype name: juby.pan QQ:290017457 

Add: 401, East Building A3, OCT LOFT, Nanshan, Shenzhen 

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