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KFC China Staff Ask: Would You Like the Black or the Pink Burger?

The Colonel is again on the cutting edge of taste

KFC’s dominance of the Chinese market can arguably be traced back to its willingness to cater to its customers’ unique palates. Sure, the fast food chain may be best known in the west for its tubs of fried chicken, but KFC has won over a large market share in China by doing things like offering rice congee and tortilla wraps. Now, the fast food giant is at it again by unveiling its newest offering: chicken burgers that are colored black and pink.

KFC China is offering the “Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger and the “Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger” for RMB 17.5 ($2.80) each.

We’re not sure how either of these food items taste because netizens have mostly been concerned with the way they look in real life compared to their advertising. One person asked, “So it’s a choice between pimples or blackheads (a pun on “pink or black”). Which one is better?” while another summed things up with “A brain burger, and a turd burger…

Netizens shared pictures of their burgers online:

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McDonald’s, KFC’s arch nemesis, has also had a lot of success by re-inventing the hamburger for a Chinese clientele. McDonald’s has also tried out a “black and white” hamburger campaign throughout the Asian market that attracted a lot of attention, and just recently launched a promotion that offers customers the ability to fully customize every part of their hamburger.

One media outlet is speculating that KFC is shrewdly borrowing some of the spotlight of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a Japanese anime that is popularly received in China. Their theory is that the new KFC promotion is heavily based on black and pink in order to draw a connection to the show, whose two main characters use the same colors. See for yourself.

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kfc new burger

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor