create your taste mcdonalds hamburger

Hey, McDonald’s Fans: Now You Can Build Your Own Burger in China

Custom meals at a higher price

McDonald’s has offered the relatively same menu of burgers for years now, with the odd seasonal favorite (hello, McRib!) from time to time. But while competitors, like one in particular that lets you “have it your way”, McDonald’s has resisted the siren call to customize burgers. (The McGangBang excepted.)

That is all changing now, though, as the iconic American burger chain has unveiled “Create Your Taste”, a special brand of McDonald’s restaurants, on Dianping, China’s version of Yelp. By using a touchscreen and electronic payment card, diners can order their customized meal in a six-step process. Customers can choose their type of bread, condiments, number of patties, and hamburger toppings, which include guacamole and tortilla chips.

create your taste mcdonalds hamburger

Not surprisingly, an order from “Create Your Taste” will be substantially more expensive that other McDonald’s menu items. A hamburger with fries and a drink will cost RMB 49 (almost $8), before additional costs.

create your taste mcdonalds hamburger

Here are the available options in making your own “Create Your Taste” hamburger:

  • 3 types of bread
  • 3 kinds of cheese
  • 4 types of vegetables
  • 8 sauces
  • 6 other ingredients
  • options available for meat patties (eg. thickness)

With endless hamburger customization possibilities, McDonald’s has provided 24 pre-selected popular combinations to make things easier for customers.

“Create Your Taste” first debuted in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and is set to arrive in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong soon.

create your taste mcdonalds hamburger

The “Build Your Own Burger” promotion began in the USA before spreading to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Kuwait. China is the 119th country in the world, and the 6th in Asia, to offer it.

Feedback on the Dianping restaurant review website has largely been positive, with reviewers ecstatic over the freedom offered to them:

This is a great do-it-yourself concept; McDonalds is really considerate! People who want to lose weight can just order a lettuce and meat patty burger. As for me, I ordered a three-patty burger with thick slices of bacon on a buttered bun. So sweet tasting!

Despite McDonald’s popularity, KFC remains the most popular Western fast food franchise in China, most likely because its menu caters to to the tastes of its clientele.

Here are some hamburger photographs from the creative people of Dianping:

create your taste mcdonalds hamburger

create your taste mcdonalds hamburger

create your taste mcdonalds hamburger


Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor