Men’s Bathroom in China Has Some Rather Unique Urinals…

Who's staring at whom?


A trip to the loo at a restaurant in Taiyuan, Shanxi has become a bit out of the ordinary. The restaurant has set up a trio of scantily clad mannequins standing in a glass case behind a row of urinals. There really aren’t many more details than that, other than this bizarre concept has been shared quite widely on Chinese social media.

Many customers have complained that they are unable to relieve themselves while under the watchful eyes of the mannequins. Sun Kao, a 24-year-old patron, explained to a local television station, “I walked out when I saw the women there because I thought at first I was in the wrong place. When I realized I was in fact in the men’s room and I tried to relieve myself, it just didn’t work. It was very off putting having a good-looking woman, even if it was a plastic one, apparently staring at me as I tried to do my business.”

The report does not mention what, if anything, is featured in the adjoining women’s restroom.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor