Mother and baby narrowly escape after tree collapses on car in Guangzhou

Kevin McGeary , April 11, 2013 10:00am

A woman and her baby narrowly escaped after a tree fell and landed on the back of their car as well as damaging two other cars in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou Daily reported on its microblog. The incident took place outside a compound at 109 Zhnogshan Avenue and may well have been caused by the rainy weather of recent weeks.

We told you last December about trees falling in Guangzhou for no apparent reason. Heavy rain causing the roots to decay was later put forward as the most likely cause. In light of the weather of recent weeks, residents should be careful.

Most netizens expressed relief and gratitude at the lives spared by good fortune. But one opined that the fault was with the Japanese car that crumbled too easily under the tree.

Incidents like this remind us of how fragile life is, so we should make the most of our fleeting time on Earth by reading about netizens attacking the Japanese.

Kevin McGeary

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