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Nine Passengers Punished By Shenzhen Airport for Bad Behavior

More air rage expected as rainy season begins

Over the last two months, nine travelers passing through Shenzhen’s Bao’an International Airport have been detained for “bad behavior”.

Eight of the travelers received administrative detentions ranging from three to ten days, while one person was criminally detained and will likely face criminal charges.

According to Shenzhen News, one person named Chen received a 10 day administrative detention after throwing a rice box at an airline employee, while another, named Ju, was given five days for obstructing a police officer when she threw a water bottle at him.

Shenzhen Airport reminds passengers that as the annual rainy season has arrived, weather delays are inevitable. Passengers are asked to be patient and practice restraint in dealing with flight delays.

Of course, even at the best of times, delays and cancellations are commonplace at Shenzhen airport. Last August, the Civil Aviation Authority of China punished Shenzhen Airport for innumerable flight delays, forbidding it from adding any additional flights or flight routes. Last May, riot police were called in to calm an irate crowd at Shenzhen Airport after storms caused a number of flight delays. Just this past March, Shenzhen Airport issued a red alert for travelers when 265 flights inbound and outbound flights were cancelled.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor