No More Free Rides: Expats “Lose Face” Trying to Sneak Bikes onto Beijing Metro

Charles Liu , January 24, 2015 2:59pm (updated)

expats bikes rejected metro beijingIt seemed there was a time when expats in China could do almost anything and get away with it. And while there may be still be a double-standard with regard to certain issues, one thing is for sure: expats aren’t allowed to take bicycles on the Beijing Metro anymore.

Three men identified as “laowai” were attempting to enter Dawanglu Station on October 29 at 10:10pm when they were barred from entering by staff at the security checkpoint, reports Sina. When that didn’t work, the trio tried to enter the station by using the exit channel, where they were again refused entry.

The Beijing Metro confirms passengers with over-sized packages such as bicycles are not allowed to take the train. Before angrily exchanging words and leaving, the expats were told by a station employee to “not lose face for your country”.

Regardless of whether or not you value the concept of face, we’d urge all expats in China to refrain from bringing their bicycles on the Beijing Metro.

expats bikes rejected metro beijingexpats bikes rejected metro beijingexpats bikes rejected metro beijingexpats bikes rejected metro beijingPhotos: Southern Capital Report, Sina News

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor