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Open Letter Demanding Xi Jinping’s Resignation Gets Censored from Chinese Website

Disappearance of writer may be linked

An incendiary letter that called for the resignation of Chinese President Xi Jinping not only has been censored from the Internet, but may have resulted in the disappearance of a Chinese journalist.

The Washington Post reported the open letter was published early March 4 on a website called Wujie News (, a media platform partially backed by government ties. After attracting online attention, the entire website was shut down. Upon resuming service, the offending article had disappeared from the website servers.

The scathing letter is an indictment of Xi Jinping’s failure to properly serve as China’s president. Written by “loyal Communist Party members”, the letter condemns Xi for “abandoning the principle of collective leadership” by having “consolidated all authority”.

The letter argues that Xi is to blame for a number of things that have brought “an unprecedented crisis” to China: layoffs due to overproduction, an escalation of conflict in the North Korea issue, the stock market crash, and real estate market turmoil, and more. The letter also criticizes Xi for creating a cult of personality by commissioning artists to write flattering songs praising him.

The letter also asks Xi to resign out of “safety for you and your family”, referring to a inner power struggle that threatens to spiral out of control.

Most ominously of all, the letter warns that another Cultural Revolution is imminent under Xi’s control, saying the people won’t be able “to endure another ten years of calamity!”

One person is suspected to have disappeared in connection with the letter. On March 15, columnist Jia Jia disappeared after boarding a flight from Beijing to Hong Kong, and has not been heard from since.

The letter first appeared on overseas website Mingjing, and not in mainland China. According to the Apple Daily, computer hackers are responsible for its appearance on Citing sources close to the incident, the hacking “had been planned in advance” since it took place at the exact same time that overseas websites published the letter.

Here’s the entire letter as originally seen on the Watcher:

Open Letter Requesting Xi Jinping to Resign from the Party and from His Position as Leader of the Country

Greetings, comrade Xi Jinping.

We are loyal members of the Communist Party. At the time the national “two sessions” convened, we have written this letter to you, asking for your resignation from the Party and from all posts held as leader of the country. These requests come out of consideration for the Party, the future of the country and its people, and, as well as for the safety for yourself and your family.

Comrade Xi Jinping, ever since you were selected to be the new secretary-general by the Central Committee at the eighteenth national general congress in 2012, you were resolved to improve a growing malaise by fighting against the tigers of corruption, as well as corruption within the Party. You have designated yourself as leader of the group for deepening comprehensive reforms for the Central government, as well as a number of other groups. You have perform a number of acts to develop the economy. You have the popular support of a portion of the people. These are all things that are apparent to us.

However, comrade Xi Jinping, there is something we can’t ignore. Due to your methods by which you have consolidated all authority into your hands, directly deciding things in all domains by yourself that include government, economy, and culture, you have created an unprecedented problem and crisis.

In terms of politics, you have abandoned the most upstanding traditions of the Party, of which the most egregious being that the expressed support of leaders at all levels of government are required (for your position). You have abandoned the principle of collective leaders of the Standing Committee, a core of the democratic collective system, and instead have excessively centralized authority. By consolidating the National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the State Council and the Party all together, you have weakened their independence from one another. This compromises the authority of other comrades that includes State Council Premier Li Keqiang. Simultaneously, patrols dispatched by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to institutions and state enterprises have been a new bastion of authority, thereby obfuscating the jurisdiction of authority currently held at all levels of Party committees and government. Such a policy has sown disorder.

In terms of foreign affairs, you have abandoned comrade Deng Xiaoping’s consistent policy of maintaining a “low profile” for the country and instead blindly acted. Not only have you failed to foster a good environment for international relationship around the periphery (around China), but also have allowed North Korea to successfully carry out experiments on atomic bombs and guided missiles, thereby creating a huge threat to the safety of China. Additionally, you have allowed the USA to return to Asia and created a united front with South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and other South Asian countries in order to unite and constrain China. In regards to issues with Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, (you) have not complied with comrade Deng Xiaoping’s “one country, two systems” concept. In this hopeless situation (you have created), the Democratic Progressive Party has come to power in Taiwan, and the independence movement continues to rise in Hong Kong. In particular, the return of a Hong Kong bookseller is an abnormal practice that has directly harmed the “one country, two systems” concept.

In terms of economics, you have directly been involved in the creation of macro and micro-economic policies by way of the committee for Central finance and economy. This has led to the vast turmoil of China’s stock market and real estate market where the masses have lost hundreds of thousands of yuan in personal savings, filling the land with victims with no where to turn. Your policies on production capacity has led to massive layoffs of workers for state-run companies, while a growing trend has become for private companies to go bankrupt, sending swarms of workers into unemployment. The “one belt, one road” strategy has sent huge amounts of foreign-exchange reserves into disarray throughout the country and its regions, never to see any returns. As the foreign-exchange reserve has been excessively consumed, the Renminbi has entered a period of devaluation. This has caused a decline in confidence from everyone. The national economy is on the verge of a collapse, and the will of the people is changing.

In terms of ideology and culture, you have emphasized that “the media should take after the same name as the Party” (adopt the same principles), thereby ignoring the humanity of of the press, shocking the entire nation. You support untalented people like Zhou Xiaoping and Hua Qianfang become the preeminent representatives of Chinese art and literature, thereby bitterly disappointing scores of artists and writers around the country. You have cultural work units flatter you with songs that praise you. The sister of your wife Peng Liyuan was featured on the Spring Festival Gala as a producer, turning what was originally a warm spectacle of the Gala for families to watch into a tool for propagating your personal interests. By indulging in personal worship, not permitting discussion in the Central (government), and only permitting expression that is synonymous with the Party, all these things can’t help but make the rest of us who have experienced the Cultural Revolution very anxious — neither our Party, country, nor people can bear to endure another ten years of calamity!

Comrade Xi Jinping, you have carried out high-handed anti-corruption drives that have been effective in correcting the malaise of the Party. However, because no proper follow-up measures have been adopted that have objectively brought about a negligence throughout all levels of government at the present time. Along with officials afraid to do anything and open discontent from the masses, there has been an acute deterioration of the economy. It is also clear to us that the target of anti-corruption drives are the result of a inner power struggle. We are worried that this kind of intense inner Party power struggle may become a risk to the safety of you and your family.

Therefore, comrade Xi, we consider that you don’t have the ability to lead the Party and the country into the future, and are unfit to hold the position of general-secretary. For the prosperity of the Party, for the long-term peace and stability of the country, for the safety of yourself and your family, we request that you quit all positions in the Party and in the country. Allow the Party central committee and the people of the country to select a sage that will bring positive progression as we march into the future.

your sincere communist Party members,
March 2016

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor