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Passenger Opens Airplane’s Emergency Exit Before Takeoff, Calls it “No Big Deal”

The police disagreed

open airline door

China is becoming famous for unruly airline passengers, and here’s another.

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China Southern Airlines has confirmed a man popped open the emergency exit as soon as he got to his seat when boarding a plane in Nanjing that was bound for Nanning on January 9. The mess resulted in a one hour delay as police boarded to pull the man off the plane.

open airline door

“Not having this door closed is not a big deal.”The man, though, apparently didn’t see what all the fuss was about. “Not having this door closed is not a big deal,” he told cops.

The police didn’t see it the same way, throwing him in the slammer for 10 days. He got off lucky, too, as according to Chinese airline regulations he could’ve been fined up to RMB 100,000 as well.

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“I just want to ask, why does this type of person that doesn’t comply with public ethics still get (his identity) obscured?” one person asked online, while another explained, “(He’s a member of the) newly rich.”

Last month, a passenger on a China Western airliner that just landed in Lhasa opened the plane’s emergency door during taxiing. In December 2014, a passenger opened an emergency door after his plane landed in Hainan because he wanted to “get off the plane quicker.”

Charles Liu

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