shandong explosion

Another Chemical Explosion Rocks China, This Time in Shandong

The province sits just south of Tianjin

Details are still slowly trickling in about yesterday’s explosion at in an industrial zone in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong.

The blast occurred last night at 11:22 at a plant operated by Diaokou Xiangbin in Lijin County. Witnesses said they heard a “huge bang” followed by a fire, which wasn’t extinguished until 4:20 the next morning.

shandong explosion

One person is reported to have died as a result of the explosion. The manager of the site has been detained by police, while the cause of the blast is under investigation.

No word of casualties have been mentioned, but photographs of injured victims at hospitals have been posted online with unsubstantiated reports that “four to five hospitals in the area are full of patients”:

shandong explosion

Here’s the scene of the explosions this morning:

shandong explosion shandong explosion shandong explosion

The Shandong explosion follows the August 12 explosions in Tianjin that has killed 158 people to date, and precedes the upcoming September 3 military parade that marks a politically-sensitive time for China.

Concerns of chemical contamination that were running high after the Tianjin explosions also appear to be the case in Shandong. Sina Weather has published a special report informing readers that the first rainfall for the blast area happened almost immediately, and will continue tonight.

Here are more photographs of the explosion:

shandong explosion shandong explosion shandong explosion

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor