Impatient Passenger Deploys Airplane’s Emergency Slide to “Get Off The Plane Quicker”

Charles Liu , January 23, 2015 9:43pm (updated)

emergency slide sanya airport  china easternOnly days after a Chinese couple threw boiling water at a flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane, another case has emerged involving a Chinese passenger who has a hard time following the rules.

When China Eastern flight MU2331 from Xi’an arrived at Sanya Fenghaung International Airport in Hainan, a particularly impatient passenger decided to open an emergency exit, and in the process, deploy an emergency slide.

When questioned by authorities about why he opened the door, he responded: “to get off the plane quicker.” He claims he did not pay attention to the safety briefing at the beginning of the flight, and did not know to only use the emergency slide in case of emergency.

emergency slide sanya airport china easternAs a result of the incident, the return flight MU2332, scheduled to leave at 9:50pm, was delayed until 11:41pm.

Aviation experts say the cost to repair and replace the opened cabin door and emergency slide is approximately RMB 100,000 (over $16,000).

emergency slide sanya airport china easternemergency slide sanya airport china easternPhotos: SohuXinhua

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor