war porn video 05

To Celebrate “Peace”, China Produces Video Showing Destruction of US Forces

It is to "promote peace through the use of war"

war porn video 05

As China’s state media have repeatedly said the celebrations on September 3 in Beijing to commemorate the end of World War II were to ensure that the atrocity of war “must never happen again”. But if a peace celebration held by one of the world’s largest armies wasn’t strange enough, a video released to commemorate the peace anniversary also demonstrates the idea of “peace through war” — by showing the Chinese army easily decimating US forces in a glory of explosions and fire.

The video was produced by tech giant Tencent for its news division by a Beijing-based animation company called Vision. It shows an “unidentified foreign army” attacking China for an unspecified reason, for which China retaliates by easily overwhelming the invaders, taking over an island base somehow occupied by the foreigners. The video is quite simple and requires no understanding of the Chinese text and subtitles.

Something else that is not very subtle throughout the video is the depiction of US armed forces. Although they are never mentioned by name, all of the “enemy forces” that are shown attacking China are military vehicles used by the USA, exclusively in some cases.

Here’s a full translation of the text from the video accompanied by descriptions of the military vehicles used by both the Chinese and US armed forces as described by the Foxtrot Alpha blog on Jalopnik. All text in italics is translated from the video:

3D Computer Simulation of a Campaign to Retake an Island – Full Might of the Chinese Army on Display

The following film is a complete work of fiction
only used to display the capabilities of the (Chinese) armed forces

In the year 20xx, an unidentified alliance of armed forces rashly break international laws and provoke a maritime conflict and launch surprise attacks on several of the coastal military bases belonging to our country (China).

(news headline)
Numerous military bases suffer enemy attack

Our country decides to perform a full-out counter-attack in order to destroy the military capability of the enemy forces, and to promote peace through the use of war.

First wave assault is to employ a conventional ballistic missile attack carried out by the Second Artillery Corps
Trucks are seen rolling out of a garage labeled with Chinese signs carrying DF-15 and DF-21D (or possibly DF-26) anti-ship ballistic missiles.

Bombers launch cruise missiles
Chinese H-6 are seen launching cruise missiles.

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Conventional missile attack carried out by Second Artillery Corps (above)

Ground-target warheads destroys oil reserves used by the enemy

war porn video 01

Attack from cluster warheads covers the enemy airfield and their anti-aircraft defenses
A military base that resembles the US one in Okinawa is destroyed by cluster bombs as is a F-22 Raptor, a plane only used by the US government (seen above).

Anti-carrier missiles and cruise missiles attacks enemy formations on the sea
A fleet of warships that resemble Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and a Nimitzclass aircraft carrier are destroyed by Chinese missile fire that resemble the DF-21D.

war porn video 03

Attacking nuclear submarines will clear away the underwater capabilities of the enemy
After destroying a submarine underwater in close proximity, a Chinese submarine surfaces next to an aircraft carrier that resembles the Liaoning, from which J-15 fighter aircraft are launched (above).

Special ops and marine forces attack, occupying the island where the enemy base is located
Zubr-class hovercraft and other amphibious ships transport tanks and troops to the beach of the island where the enemy base is located.

war porn video 04

Armored division lands on the island (above)

Aerial forces will engage enemy forces and their relic air fighters
Chengdu J-10B and next-gen J-20 fighter jets are seen taking out US F-35 planes.

Under the protection of air and ground fire, the armored division engages enemy forces
Type 96 tanks are seen flying through the air and avoid enemy fire as they advance of the enemy.

war porn video 05

Our (Chinese) army successfully occupies the enemy base. The enemy is forced to accept the conditions of peace.
The foreign army is overrun, their forces scattered to the wind… but a flagpole remains, from which the flag of the People’s Republic of China flies triumphantly.

And as translated by the Council on Foreign Relations, here are the final parting words:

China is strong. Victorious wars require deaths. For all to be strong and safe, [we] face the risks and dangers of war. We wholeheartedly love peace, but must be prepared for the likelihood of war. We respectfully and solemnly commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war against Japan.

Here’s the video:

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor