Rude Foreigner Criticized for Taking Up Seats on the MTR as Elderly Man Stands

It's not just Mainlanders causing problems in Hong Kong

Cam MacMurchy , April 27, 2015 8:29am (updated)

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Hong Kong anger at the manners of Mainlanders never ceases. Urinating publicly, defecating in city streets, cutting in line, slurping noodles on the MTR, you name it, Hong Kongers say Mainlanders have done it, and in the process have lowered Hong Kong’s standard as a civilized city. But if you talk to some Mainlanders who live in Hong Kong, they’ll say they feel unfairly singled out because foreigners do uncivilized things too, but they get away with it. They say Hong Kongers have a double standard, and like to pick on their compatriots from the north.

To those people, we present today’s exhibit: video below of a western woman sprawled out on the city’s MTR metro network, taking up several seats, while other passengers are left standing. She doesn’t appear to have a care in the world, and obviously has no idea her rudeness is about to go viral. Hong Kongers, rightly, are outraged.

The video has been shared on Facebook by local magazine 100most. The post reads:

“In reality, it’s not just mainlanders that have special MTR-taking techniques. Foreigners can also be rotten apples. This young foreigner has her leg on two seats. Does she think she’s hot shit because she’s wearing black pantyhose?”

Foreigners, of course, are notorious for bad behaviour in Mainland China. If there’s one takeaway though, it’s this: rude people come from everywhere, and should be shamed accordingly.