Runaway Bull Terrorizes Chengdu Until It’s Rammed Repeatedly by a Police Car

Charles Liu February 3, 2015 9:09am

chengdu runaway bull[This post contains graphic content, and may be offensive to some readers]

Amazing video of a runaway bull loose in the streets of Chengdu being rammed by a police car multiple times before finally dying has surfaced on the internet.

The incident took place on January 29 when a bull being taken to slaughter escaped from a truck. Described as having gone “mad”, the bull managed to injure four people while it was loose on the streets. That’s why police said they needed to use lethal force.

chengdu runaway bullPolice finally subdued the bull by killing it with four gunshots after it was run over by a police vehicle.

Here’s the video. Warning: you may want to turn down your speakers as the police car’s collisions with the bull are very loud:

Some netizens were not impressed by the news, despite some media outlets celebrating the actions of the police with a “thumbs up” emoji.

One user said, “Isn’t unprofessionalism rampant throughout China?” Another asked, “Is the bull really that mad? Can’t you slowly walk up to it [to subdue it]?” Another took the perspective of the bull and said, “These [expletive] people: they want to eat the bull, they want to kill it; why shouldn’t (the bull) be mad?

Photos: Traffic Safety Network

Charles Liu

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