Russian Expat Working as a Traffic Warden in Liaoning

Charles Liu February 5, 2015 10:27pm (updated)

russian traffic warden shenyang liaoningWhile many young expats come to China to teach English, others find new and interesting ways to pay the bills. Take Asha for example; a Russian expat who has taken a job as a traffic warden.

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A foreign exchange student at Beidong University, Asha has been in Shenyang, Liaoning for eight years. Concerned with Shenyang’s growing traffic problems, she decided to be part of the solution and dutifully, aid pedestrians at one of the city’s busy intersections.

russian traffic warden shenyang liaoningHaving a unique perspective on Shenyang, Asha has plenty to say about the state of Shenyang’s roads:

In the eight years that I’ve been here, traffic conditions have improved. The major traffic posts are still being manned by police officers directing traffic. As well, city residents are starting to comply with traffic regulations; there aren’t as many pedestrians running red lights as before.

Whether Asha will start a new trend among expats remains to be seen; however, given the traffic situation in most Chinese cities, pedestrians can use all the help they can get.

russian traffic warden


Photos: Caijing

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