Sindicator: How Air Pollution Affects Your Mood

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Danielle Sumita February 18, 2015 8:45am

The latest episode of Sindicator is out, and it shows how air pollution is forcing lifestyle changes as urban smog causes conditions similar to a nuclear winter. In recent years, we’ve seen efforts to create indoor environments as alternatives for an outdoor life, a mad millionaire selling fresh air in cans, and something called a ‘breathing bike‘.

The underlying motivations for the toxic shroud visible from space are just as nasty as the air. Consumers expect cheap production and investors are gunning for growth.

As this darkly funny sci-fi Sindicator seeks to convey, our understanding and control of over the environment is actually quite sophisticated. Ultimately, eradicating hazardous air pollution is a choice, a choice that has not been made.

Danielle Sumita

The founder of Sindicator, unique videos showcasing China's economy.