English Communist Party Propaganda Video Sells “Chinese Dream” to Foreigners

Complete with swimsuits, clowns, and Liu Xiang

ccp promo video

Not sure what the Communist Party of China is all about? Don’t know what the “Chinese dream” is? Well, wonder no longer. All is revealed in a slick new English-language video released by the CPC with the message “with you along the way”.

A narrator speaking in English introduces the “Chinese Dream”, President Xi Jinping’s catchphrase, and how the Communist Party of China will make every single last dream come true. If the video is any guide, the “Chinese dream” involves a lot of women in swimsuits, clowns, and Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang.

ccp promo video

The video was actually released in 2013 shortly after Xi Jinping became President, but has only gained traction online recently.

Here’s the entire dialog as taken from the video:

This is an ancient and youthful country
It is growing fast, yet with development disparities
It s full of opportunities, along with untold challenges
But its 1.3 billion people all have their own dreams

Interviewees individually speaking a line (in Chinese):
I want a good harvest next year
I want to start a diner
I want some more pensions
I want a pretty wife
I want azurer sky and cleaner water
I want a world free of wars

ccp promo video

Our people s dreams are our goals
The 80 million CPC members, together with the entire population
are working for everyone’s dream for every dreamer to have a stage
and for every dream seeker on the stage to have an opportunity for success
to have the joy of a dream come true
Every splender on the stage contributes to the Chinese strength of 1.3 billion
that makes one miracle after another and embraces one challenge after another
On the road, chasing our dreams, we walk side by side
Sharing weal and woe, transcending differences and shaping the future together

Here’s the video itself:

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor