Guangdong has the most singles in China, but “leftover men” a problem

Kevin McGeary , November 6, 2013 11:00am

Statistics released by a matchmaking site ahead of Single’s Day, which falls Nov. 11, have revealed that Shenzhen has the highest proportion of single men to single women in China, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reports. Another matchmaking website has revealed that Guangdong has the largest number of singles.

The report “The 2013 China Singles Perspective” stated that there are 74.3 “leftover women” for every 100 “leftover men” in Shenzhen.  Although the ratio of female to male residents of the city was once 7:1, men now outnumber women by 1.18 to 1. Men have outnumbered women since late 2010.

But a lack of available members of the opposite sex is not the only reason so many people are single in Guangdong., China’s most famous matchmaking website, claims that the growing number of single people also has something to do with particular living customs and work pressure.

A survey done by the website shows that a fast-paced lifestyle makes single people in Guangdong too busy to date, China Radio International reported.

Although the number of men unable to find a marriage partner is known to be a major social time bomb , the issue of leftover women also gets a great deal of media attention.

As well as being a day during which single people can celebrate and give each other gifts, November 11 has established itself as China’s busiest day for e-commerce in recent years.

#Correction: In the second paragraph, we had said men outnumber women by 118 to 1. Of course, we meant 1.18 to 1.

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