Chinese Media Drool Over Two “Sexy” Ukrainian Models Arrested for Shoplifting in Chongqing

Media reports praise the pair for their "excellent figures"

Charles Liu , July 15, 2015 8:52am

Chinese news reports are currently buzzing about two foreign women in Chongqing who committed a crime, but the focus of reports is less on the crime itself rather than who committed it (or rather, what they look like).

A crowd outside the Yongkui supermarket was treated to an unfamiliar sight on July 13 when store employees were seen trying to restrain two women they accused of stealing.

chongqing ukraine theft

After taking them into custody, police later revealed these women to be from Ukraine and to be working in Chongqing as models. But Chinese media don’t stop there, giving us some extra details about their appearance:

  • one women is ‘blonde’, the other a ‘brunette’
  • ‘sexy’
  • ‘excellent figures’
  • wearing jeans shorts and a halter top

One witness was even quoted saying: “They have such good figures! It’s just a pity that they stole two pieces of clothes.”

The report also gives us a lowdown on the awkward back-and-forth between the women and store staff, who were very suspicious from the time the suspects first entered the store. It all culminates with a shoving match in which one of the Ukrainian women is heard to say, “Don’t understand Chinese”.

Store staff said the total cost of stolen outfits was RMB 128 ($21). However you feel about that, the real tragedy for the news media is that these women didn’t decide to wear the stolen clothes out of the store, thus depriving the media of one last chance to describe their looks.

As a consolation, here’s what the stolen clothing looks like, without a woman wearing it:

chongqing ukraine theft

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor