Woman takes a shit on the platform of Shenzhen subway station

Kevin McGeary , May 21, 2013 1:22am

Yup, there still aren’t enough toilets in the Pearl River Delta’s subway stations.

After a picture of a boy defecating in a Guangzhou subway train in November last year went viral, little did we know that this was just the start.

Feast your eyes.

In February, a teenager was seen defecating in a trash can at a GZ subway station. Later, a middle-aged woman was caught on camera relieving herself in an elevator in a Shenzhen station.

Now, the region’s subways continue to get shittier and shittier.

A picture of a woman pooping on a platform in a station along Shenzhen’s Luobao Line has already been forwarded by three respected, Shenzhen-based microblogs: Shenzhen’s Big and Small Issues, Shenzhen Metropolitan Round-up, and Baoan Life.

The Luobao Line is the oldest in Shenzhen’s subway network. It runs from Luohu checkpoint to the airport and takes in many of the city’s most important sites. For this reason it tends to be busy.

Netizens’ reactions have been predictable. One said: A woman of such low character, I hate her. Another said; “Of course, I am speechless.” Another said: “When you’ve eaten too much, you shit anywhere. When your libido is strong, you fuck anything. We are a race that wants to live without restrictions. What kind of civilisation are we?”

It’s the kind of behaviour that even this lady would struggle to justify.

Kevin McGeary

China hand, bawdy balladeer.